Intellectual Property Discourse

A social innovation enterprise on a mission to provide best-in-class education on intellectual property management. 

  • Helping creatives capture value through the use of intellectual property
  • We educate young people on the economic and financial benefits of intellectual property. 

To educate young people, creatives on the economic benefits of intellectual property through online webinars (free). Through these online webinars, trainees gain management skills needed to exploit economic value from intellectual property 


A public advocacy forum focused on driving conversations  on intellectual property theft and  its negative impact on economic growth. 


Through our written publications, we push out top-notch researched information on intellectual property management and valuation. Our research initiative serves as a benchmark for influencing policy making in IP industries.  

Intellectual Property Discourse


We aim to inform and influence decision makers through evidence- based research to achieve policy change and implementation .


Our flagship event which brings together African innovative thought leaders to share success stories on intellectual property and its potential for economic development


Nigeria's hub for creatives focused on encouraging collaboration, integration and development of the creative industry.   

The creative industry has the potential to produce more jobs for talents, increase innovation and reduce poverty.

Our priority is to turn this potential to a reality by helping creatives capture value from intellectual property and empower them to build better businesses. 


The IP Discourse program for young people took place on the 6th March 2021. Our Founder, Ololade Oloniyo LLB ACIArb (UK)  alongside with other speakers dished out excellent ideas on intellectual property and its role in driving economic growth.  

Some few highlights: 

  • creative sectors that rely on intellectual property are substantial contributors to economic growth

  • Intellectual property generates economic activity, encourages innovation and provides employment opportunities for the unemployed in developed and developing nations. 

  • Intellectual property attracts wealth, foreign direct investment and promotes transfer of technologies. 

  • Intellectual property works have got to be celebrated, because this serves as incentives to emerging innovators and creatives. 

  • Counterfeiting defeats the purpose of intellectual property rights and affects economic growth negatively.  

Our Services

Consulting Services

We facilitate one -on -one trainings focused on helping creative institutions to develop best IP management practices such as IP strategy, IP policy, audit, due diligence, staff trainings and internal control methods for maximising intellectual property. 

Portfolio management 

We provide top-notch services on the identification, protection and renewals of intellectual property. 

Pro bono services

Helping low-income earning creatives protect intellectual property and design administrative policies needed to capture value from IP.

Intellecual Property Management 




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