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Intellectual Property Discourse (IP Discourse) Hosts World Intellectual Property Day

On the 26th of April 2022, IP Discourse in partnership with IP Radio, held a one-day workshop for creatives in Africa.  The theme for this year's WIPO day is Youths, Innovation and a Better Future.  The objective of the program was to educate young entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources on how to identify, protect and capture value from their intellectual property. 

Several topics for discussions were:

Intellectual property as a tool for protecting digital innovations. (Now and Future)

How can intellectual property serve as a tool for capturing value in innovation

Innovation and Intellectual property - The Nexus

Strategies for monetizing intellectual property. 

IP Discourse in Partnership with Abuja Film Academy 

African Abuja Academy is a premier academy offering trainings to young talents on Film making, Screen writing, and Film Production. 

On the 5th of February 2022, Intellectual property Discourse and Abuja Film Academy held a one-day training for creatives and Film Makers. During the program participants were educated on the importance of intellectual property management, the business of film  making and the vital aspect of brand protection. 


IP Discourse Trains over 250 Young undergraduates and Creatives in Africa 

Intellectual Property Discourse has been involved in rapid education and sensitization of youths and undergraduates on the importance of Intellectual property for economic growth as well as the disadvantages of counterfeiting.