The Founder 

Ololade Oloniyo is a legal professional skilled at reducing legal and business risk for clients across the technology, media and film sectors. She has worked with national and multi-national bodies, providing legal advisory services ranging from corporate governance, intellectual property management, privacy and general business advisory.

She regularly helps digital businesses and executive producers walk through their projects, secure intellectual property rights and negotiate contracts.

Oloniyo Ololade is the Founder of the Intellectual Property Discourse, a social innovation enterprise focused on helping creatives capture value from their intellectual property. Through various initiatives and online training programs, creatives gain practical management skills needed to monetize their intellectual property.

Ololade Oloniyo is an Alumni of the University of Lagos, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK.

She is an avid reader of books, loves writing, travelling and watching documentaries/crime series.

Lagos Nigeria 



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